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Here are a few examples of the comments both from course learners and managers about my style and delivery:


Julia is a warm, empathic learning facilitator and coach who has offered me trusted support and timely challenge in appropriate measures. She very quickly establishes strong rapport with an individual or group creating an open, safe and positive learning environment. In particular, her perceptive insight and attentive awareness of everyone in the room enabled her to offer me feedback on a repeating relationship dynamic that had inhibited me for years. Her observation was completely different to any I had heard previously, resulting in a hugely rewarding “penny dropping” moment and an immediate change to my approach.  I recommend Julia without any hesitation as a powerful facilitator of personal growth who cares enormously for her clients as individuals and is passionate about the outcomes they achieve.

Julia ran a 9 day Management development programme (MDP) over a 6 month period at Waitrose for 12 partners and I was lucky enough to have been selected as a participant. This was the first time Julia and I had worked together, although I had heard she was a very competent and knowledgeable trainer.
I attended the course with some reservations but was quickly reassured by Julia’s knowledge, experience, energy and passion. The programme moved all of the managers expertly out of their conform zone and made each and everyone of us that little bit more courageous. 
The content and execution meant I left the course with some great relevant information and knowledge and perhaps more importantly some practical tools I could use as soon as I returned to my desk.
Thank you Julia, the MDP content and execution was excellent.

The authentic leadership programme that Julia delivered allowed me to create strong relationships at every level based on trust and honest interaction. I am allowing myself to “be me” and am operating in a much more confident, relaxed and flexible way with my team, my peers and my line manager. I have been able to set clear vision and direction allowing operating profit to increase by 20% with all key result areas showing significant improvement. The programme has been fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone looking to develop to the next level in their career. Julia has a genuine care and passion for both the course content and the participants. This is the best development I have received in my career so far.

The Authentic Leadership programme that Julia Hayward ran has given me the confidence to lead rather than just manage by unlocking my potential and breaking down some of my internal barriers.  I am raising my presence and holding others accountable through increasing my honesty and openness. This has been powerful in energising others and getting true ownership from senior stakeholders. The projects I lead are now more collaborative, with agreed accountabilities and trust as I have more confidence in myself and others. This leads to improved results and increased contribution to the success of my department and the wider business. Julia was really open throughout the programme, very motivated and encouraged us to share our experiences to help challenge us in our development.

I attended the Authentic Leadership Programme with Julia in early 2013. It proved to be a very powerful experience enabling me to unlock my potential and shift the limiting beliefs that had previously stopped me from truly engaging my team. I am now much more confident to be myself and embrace and further develop my innate leadership skills. This is enabling me to become more inspirational in my style and challenge myself to be open and honest with my employees, peers and line manager. My ability to influence other has significantly increased and all the above is producing improved business results at all levels. Working with Julia has been a critical part of achieving this. She  has great rapport which creates an open yet challenging environment and uses this, combined with skilled questioning, listening and feedback to enable delegates to open up, challenge themselves and make significant and sustained improvements in performance.

I attended the Authentic Leadership Programme that Julia Hayward facilitated in 2012 and this has led to significant improvements in my self awareness and acceptance. I am now a lot more relaxed and confident in my style and my ability to lead and be myself. The modules have been absolutely essential to my progress as a leader and I am now engaging my team completely differently and seeing much better results. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Julia for 10 fantastic days that were expertly delivered on every count. I will be singing your praises long into the future!

The authentic leadership programme has allowed me to truly engage and develop my team. I am more relaxed in my leadership style and have a much greater insight into myself and my team. As a result I am happier and more balanced and able to really inspire others through my newly ignited drive and energy. This has led to key results showing considerable improvements in all areas culminating in operating profit increasing to almost 16%. None of this would have been possible without the superb facilitation provided by Julia. She created a very safe environment for very challenging and personal work and pushed us to get the most out of the experience. This has been life changing and I will be forever grateful to Julia.

Personal Development is hugely misunderstood by many people. I know this for sure as I was one of those people who believed that Personal Development was for weak people who were struggling with their own identity or with life in general. I saw it as a tool to progress within our business, put a tick in the right box and half heartedly attended courses where I was told in the main how not to behave and develop my weaknesses as opposed to focus on strengths. After my experience with Julia at a Management Development Course, I realised nothing could be further from the truth. Personal Development is for the strong, courageous, non conformist thinkers who recognise that they are powerful individuals capable of great achievements and know that the only way possible to be your best is to work on yourself every single day for the rest of your life.
All human beings are responsible for their actions so it makes sense to direct those actions towards successful outcomes with a focused attitude This course really helped me to realise this and whilst doing so unlocked so many situations I had been battling with at work and in my private life. I came away from the course with a better and at times alarmingly transparent view of myself, my drivers, early influencers, strengths and triggers. Some of the content I had not unearthed before as they were too painful and difficult to navigate in my head. However the models explored in the course coupled with 1-2-1's with Julia helped me realise that I have amazing potential. This is far more powerful now it has been stimulated by new concepts and ideas that make me question the choices I generally make on a daily basis.  The only regret was that I couldn't take Julia home with me.

I worked with Julia over a number of months, both face to face and on the telephone.  I run an 18 million pounds a year business with over 150 staff. I wanted to develop my confidence and self belief and improve my relationship with my Line Manager.  Julia has a great balance of both professionalism and warmth.  She takes a real interest in those she is working with is committed to supporting you develop as a person.  Julia gave me time to express my feelings and explore where and how these had developed.  She poses lots of questions to make you think about how you could do something differently.  The sessions I had with her were taken at my pace.  We would always close by discussing the positive's and what I am focusing on.  Julia would offer me strategies and tools to help change my behaviours and understand why I acted in certain ways.  My sessions with her have met outcome objectives.  I have changed behaviours and grown my confidence.  Since working with Julia I have moved to a new post which I would not have had the confidence to do previously.

Having formed a new team of 4,000 in 2010, led by 20 Senior Managers, I turned to Julia Hayward for her expertise and support, to build a high performing team. She worked with me and my team to develop a bespoke day, from which we were able to develop a way of working, which has proven to be highly successful. One year later, Julia followed up the first day, with a build,  which further enhanced and developed the team dynamic. The team is highly successful, self determined, challenging of each other and delivers superb commercial results. Julia's expertise in behavioural models, allied to her ability to engage with a team of Senior Leaders, has enabled my team to accelerate their level of performance, beyond my expectation and I would strongly recommend her. 

I had a fantastic experience working with Julia. Julia facilitated development sessions that covered topics such as discovering our own styles of learning and understanding how our beliefs and values at individuals can both enable and restrict us through our careers. Julia used her skills as a coach to empower us to find solutions on how we wanted to exploit what we had learnt about ourselves. For me, my favourite session Julia led for my colleagues and I was about us unearthing and being able to articulate what we offered as individuals; our personal brand. With the competition for jobs hotting up every year, it is more and more importantly to have the ability to say with confidence what I can offer to my employer and this activity helped with that. I regularly reflect on the development days I had with Julia. They were a perfect balance of professionalism with a casual, personable environment that put everyone at ease. I am hugely grateful for the support Julia gave me from Graduate Trainee to Branch Manager. Thank you!

I worked with Julia on an intense senior leadership development programme - 10 days in total.  Julia was fantastic throughout the programme and not only was a great facilitator, but was really able to take all of the candidates (including myself) on a true journey of development.  Many of the candidates had very different outcomes and were in different places at the start.  However, Julia's style, which is a true blend of humour, warmth and understanding, but also honest reflection and straight talking, was the key for so many of the candidates getting so much from the course.

Whether, we were discussing personal experiences or dissecting complex leadership models, Julia's knowledge and understanding was always apparent and this in turn encouraged debate, interaction and discussion - only achieved through building trust.  Her ability to build a long standing rapport is second to none and something she achieves almost from the moment you meet her.

It was a pleasure to work with Julia, and I hope our paths cross again soon!"

" I was the original coaching sceptic - I knew I was perfect and that any issues anyone had with me, on a personal or work level, were of their own making and not mine. Following a bit of a dabble with Myers Briggs profiling, Julia suggested some follow up meetings, to discuss the findings and before I knew what was going on, a nice chat over coffee saw me being asked questions like " How do you think that made that person feel? " and " How could you have handled that so that you got the outcome you needed? " and I realised, very slowly, that I was being coached. Julia is a very clever listener - lots of people think they are good listeners but she hears the things that you do NOT say, as well as the stuff that you do.....I feel that she genuinely cares about me and how my colleagues perceive me and is proactive in ensuring that I have the skills and mental ability to be able to assess situations and know when to speak, when to shut up and how not to antagonise the other person.  She helped me see that my default setting is negative - so to adjust that I have learnt to say something positive first and then think about how to respond to the question, situation or scenario. Basic things, but the positive payback has been enormous. I fully intend to keep the coaching going - it is helping my work profile and my personal life more than I would ever have believed. "


Julia Hayward worked both for me and with me as a Learning and Development Manager between 2008-2013. She is an outstanding facilitator who had clearly won respect and credibility for her work with senior managers in the organisation. As a facilitator, she has a great talent for accurately judging both the 'mood in the room' and the needs of individuals within it. Her relaxed but highly professional manner creates an immediate warmth and rapport, and this combined with her energy and passion for her work make her highly effective.
Her ability to relate to people and her range of interpersonal skills have helped her develop a deserved reputation as outstanding coach.