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My Philosophy

My philosophy for coaching and personal development revolves around my fundamental belief that we all have the ability and potential to grow and maximise our performance. I enjoy making the vital difference through developing rapid and strong rapport, creating a safe environment, creating clear outcomes, asking challenging questions and listening really acutely. Being authentic is an important part of my success and allows me to form effective honest relationships and respond with flexibility to the needs of my client.

I am relational in my approach and believe that the individual maximises their development when they are part of a supportive, honest relationship and a real connection is established. This allows the coach to make significant and highly relevant contributions and the client to discover their own answers.

Areas of expertise
Coaching individuals who have a specific outcome in any of the following areas :

  1. Leadership development
  2. Self belief
  3. Change of career path
  4. Behavioural change
  5. Impact of self on others
  6. Pressure of work

Design and facilitation of leadership development programmes for  groups of individuals looking for promotion.

Design and facilitation of learning events for groups around any leadership or personal development need. (eg : culture, change, developing self awareness, appreciating difference, leading a team, developing effective relationships).

Design and facilitation of team events aimed at enabling teams to recognise where they are, where they want to be and how to get there.